A simple message to the young/ aspiring Developers

illustrating a developer who does not believe himself
Puzzled with the Little skills you have

As an aspiring developer who has just started coding or have little experience in software development, what often runs in your mind would be to get better and better and better and eventually start to apply for job opportunities, contribute to the open-source and build the next big thing but I would like to pose a question to you.

How do we define better?

How can you determine that now you have gained enough experience to start applying for jobs and even start contributing to the open-source community?

When will the time reach to start building the next big thing?

When will that time come when you will fill you know enough in programming?

I got a privilege to interact with a senior developer and was fascinated by what I learned from him. He said you can’t stop learning in a life of a programmer and every day presents a new challenge, this simply implies that if you don’t move your self out there and start doing good with what you know already, then probably a perfect time to feel confident about your skills will never come, so being that every day presents its own and new challenge means you can’t learn everything and you won’t get to the point where you feel best, I argue you to go out there, contribute to the open-source community with the little you know, it might be as little as a pull request on a project, eventually, you will realize that you can provide more than what you thought you could.

As the world advances, new needs and new normal come on board, every aspect of contribution to the world is essential and it's up to us to do the contribution in all aspects of life.

I am moved by the way a seed (bean seed) grows and finds the potential to go through the hustle of penetrating the ground in order to surface to the ground and grow to yield pods and more pods. I look at the tenderness of its stem when it grows out of the soil for the first time without any idea of how the outside looks like, but without any clue, it ends up growing even.

I argue you as a developer to take the same courage, how fragile you might be at any moment, take the courage and expose what you know out there, apply for jobs opportunities out there and before you realize it, the world will appreciate you for it, will see your skills valuable and even provide you with job opportunities.

Start this today and your future self will thank you for it.

Junior Software developer with Stanbic Flyhub Uganda, Love programming with javascript, nodejs, react, react-native and Java.