VSC code image of arrays
Array image in JS with the methods

Often as developers we are faced with a challenge of constructing an array out of two or more arrays that contain somewhat related information which needs to be returned/ displayed in a uniform form. For instance, let us suppose you make an api call to a users endpoint which returns a json response containing an array of users with in which each user has got a country_id with a country_id value. Then you make another call to the country api which returns a json response with an array of countries, each with an object of country_id and country_name. …

form inputs
Form errors

Form validation is one of the most challenging task when it comes to frontend development. In vue js there are a couple of validation libraries used to validate fields in a form. Today I intend to write about validation with Yup in vuejs forms, one of the most used library when it comes to form validation with an average download rate of 1,893,937 per week from npm at the time of writing.

This article assumes that you have basic knowledge of working with vuejs, like data binding, handling local state in vue components and how to work with vue methods…

image with network cables
Unsplash imagge by THE “NEW” 9TH, Sandkaule, Bonn, Deutschland

Believe me at the time of writing I am about a month old with react native but its a fun and interest domain to explore as a developer as it come with its ins and outs. In the course of the project that I was working on, I was faced with a challenge of connecting this project to a node.js backend and this was to be done locally using an android phone that was linked to the expo project via the same home Wi-Fi as the PC running the project.

During working with dummy data from the jsonplaceholder site, everything…

time management matrix

In everyone’s day to day life, we are presented with different challenges of life, however small or big the challenges of life may be, this makes us take different actions based on our own life setup. We at times find that we can treasure what we consider more important in our life, we can also consider what gives us the immediate pleasure or what gives us a quick success in life, also at time we prioritize what we can finish the fastest. However, these decisions that we make on a daily basis end up defining our whole life and we…

illustrating a developer who does not believe himself
Puzzled with the Little skills you have

As an aspiring developer who has just started coding or have little experience in software development, what often runs in your mind would be to get better and better and better and eventually start to apply for job opportunities, contribute to the open-source and build the next big thing but I would like to pose a question to you.

How do we define better?

How can you determine that now you have gained enough experience to start applying for jobs and even start contributing to the open-source community?

When will the time reach to start building the next big thing?

Explains the cicle of concern and circle of influence for reactive and proactive people

Permit me to talk about the the two different circles and their positive and negative impact on the daily living , growth and development of a software developer, often times we as human being tend to sink and be consumed by how people around us define and perceive us. This type of behaviour affects us so much that we tend to even forget ourselves and the potential we hold as people to develop and make a positive difference in our lives and the world at large.

When one as a developer, devotes most of his attention on how people around…

How introvert personality affect the progress of software developers at all levels

Software development as a career path is filled with hopes of becoming the guy to build the next multi-million dollar application for every newbie in the software field. Often times new aspiring developers jump in with a lot of hopes just to achieve this, dive in the learning day in, day out. During the course of learning, developers then get sucked up by the already existing experienced developers with too much work experience, a lot of projects worked on and built. This starts to pose threats to the new developers and they start to doubt their potential, skills, and capability…

Isaac Ssemugenyi

Junior Software developer with Stanbic Flyhub Uganda, Love programming with javascript, nodejs, react, react-native and Java.

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